Gush Etzion Foundation

Safety and security

Take part in strengthening the communities and region

Terror attacks are on the rise in Gush Etzion and throughout the country. Molotov cocktails and rock-throwing, along with ramming and shooting attacks, have become routine.
Innocent commuters, pedestrians and by-standers are hurt and killed, and the sense of security in the region has been undermined.
This situation cannot go on! This is the time to mobilize efforts to protect the residents of Gush Etzion!
In light of the difficult situation we appeal to you for help in funding the following security essentials:

The 22 communities comprising Gush Etzion are spread over a wide area. Each community must urgently be equipped to the maximum degree so that, in the event of security-related incidents, local emergency response teams are able to offer an initial response until outside help can arrive


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