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Gush Etzion Fire Prevention Emergency Equipment

Gush Etzion is located in the Judean Hills, just 20 kilometers south of Jerusalem. Most of our 22 communities are surrounded by lush forests. The recent fires throughout Israel have also affected the Gush, jeopardizing the safety of many of our communities and residents, along with agricultural and tourism sites.

While sometimes wildfires breakout as a result of intense heatwaves, some of the forests near our communities have been targeted in arson attacks by hostile neighboring Arabs. This type of agricultural terrorism is a dangerous reality, which cannot be ignored.

Our main fire station is located at the Gush Etzion junction and services all of our communities, business parks, shopping centers, and common areas. However, since Gush Etzion is spread out over a large mountainous terrain, it can take the fire responders up to 25 minutes to arrive at the scene of a fire.
Therefore we are in dire need of first-response equipment such as fire wagons and many other items in order to control any blazes that might erupt, until the fire brigade arrives.

The first-response equipment is utilized by community volunteers who are prepared to safeguard their homes and the homes of their neighbors at a moment’s notice 24/7. A fire wagon for example holds up to 25 liters of water, giving up to 25 minutes of relief until the firefighters arrive. This can be the difference between a small blaze and a full-blown forest fire.

Below (click ‘budget’) is a list of the most pressing items required.

Through your generosity you can play a key role in keeping our communities safe during fire-related emergencies!

Item Details Cost (in USD)
Hydrant Hook Ups 4 hook ups 5,500 per hook up $22,000
Fire Beaters 100 beaters 55 per beater $5,500
Fire Cabinet and hose+reel 20 at 215 per unit $4,300
Six Kg Extinguishers 50 units at 55 per unit $2,750
Smoke Masks 30 masks - 50 per mask $1,500
Fire beater/water stands 15 stands - $1,200 per stand $18,000
Transportable Fire Wagons 5 Wagons - 50,000 per wagon $250,000
Special flashlights to see through smoke 21 units - $1,150 per unit $24,150
PB-770 Electric leaf blower 6 units - $1,300 per unit $7,400
A motorized tool for cutting through foliage 7 units - $1,200 per unit $8,400
Total project cost: $344,000 including tax

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