Gush Etzion Foundation

Neve Ori Farms

In a beautiful place, above Nahal Heletz, between terrace agriculture and orchards, is Neve Ori Farms.

The farm was established in memory of Ori Ansbacher HY”D who was murdered by a terrorist a few kilometers from the site.

The area has enormous security significance, as it completes the connection of communities between Gush Etzion and Jerusalem.

Before the farm was established, Arabs would encroach on State Land and on private Jewish land in the area.

The establishment of the farm has prevented these hostile acts, and has allowed for reporting on security-related incidents in real-time.

The presence of a sheep herd on the farm plays an important role in patrolling the area. Daily pasturing in the fields nearby allows the farmers to monitor and safeguard the surrounding areas, including thousands of dunam of land.

Today, one family along with ten volunteers lives on the farm. It is adjacent to Arab neighborhoods and a 24/7 security presence is critical to keeping those on the farm secure.

We would love for you to donate and help support this important Zionist endeavor!

Item Details Cost (in USD)
Electronic security gate at the entrance to the farm $3,000
3 hand-held security cameras $950
Binoculars $450
Tear gas $160
Security grade flashlights $950
Long distance security cameras $1,450
50 sheep $23,500
Bathrooms and showers for volunteers $1,600
Renovation of a residential building for volunteers $3,150
A vehicle (truck) to establish a parameter $6,300
Torah ark $650
Synagogue insulation $950
Funding for a daf yomi shiur $150 per month
Total project cost:

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