Gush Etzion Foundation

Gush Etzion Security

Over the past several years terror attacks in Gush Etzion have been on the upswing. We have had a slew of shootings, stabbings, and car-ramming attempts on a regular basis. Unfortunately some of those attacks have resulted in the loss of innocent lives.

At the same time motorists have been targeted in rock and firebomb attacks on a nearly daily basis on the roads both in Eastern and Western Gush Etzion.

This reality cannot continue!

It is time to assist in providing safety and security for the residents of our communities.

The 22 communities in Gush Etzion are spread out over a vast area. Each community must be supplied with necessary equipment to be utilized by our volunteer first-response units in times of emergency until the army and other security forces arrive.

As a result, we are turning to our friends and supporters and asking for assistance in helping us purchase the essential security items to keep our residents safe.

Please help us keep Gush Etzion safe!


Item Details Cost (in USD)
Security Cameras and Surveillance equipment
The Main Educational Campus (schools, the municipal building, and the community center) $37,000
Kashuela Farm $50,000
Volunteer Emergency First Response Units
Bullet-proof vests $1,460 per unit - 27 needed = $39,420 (project completed)
Cameras at the entrance to communities $12,575 per unit - 4 needed = $50,286
Drones $6,290 per unit - 4 needed = $31,430
Portable cameras for first responders $410 per unit - 100 needed = $41,000
Weapons training for security chief and first responders $1,580 per training - 20 needed = $31,600
Handheld cameras to detect possible infiltrations $1,580 per unit - 3 needed = $4,740
A portable detection system for rapid deployment in an emergency $5,150
Small generators $1,290 per unit - 3 needed = $3,870
Lighting kits $4,715 per unit - 2 needed = $9,430
360 Degree flashlights $1,575 per unit - 2 needed = $3,150
Medical equipment
Defibrillators $1,990 per unit - 9 needed = $17,910
Total project cost: $231,986