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Gush Etzion Security

Gush Etzion Security

Terrorist attacks in Gush Etzion and throughout the country are on the rise. Firebomb attacks, stone throwing’s, car-ramming attacks, stabbings, and shootings take place on a regular basis. Innocent motorists, pedestrians, and average citizens, are amongst those injured or murdered.  The sense of security in the region has been undermined.

We will not allow this reality to continue!  The time has come to raise funds to protect the residents of Gush Etzion. In light of the difficult situation, we turn to you to help us fund the essential security needs of Gush Etzion and its residents.

Safety and Security in Gush Etzion

The 22 communities in Gush Etzion are spread out over a large geographical area. Each of the communities must be immediately equipped with the necessary advanced security apparatus so that the local emergency response teams have the tools at their disposal to take action until outside help arrives.


Item Details Cost (in USD)
Cameras at intersections and on the way to remote communities $4,150 per unit - 7 needed = $29,050
High-powered search flashlights $330 per unit - 45 needed = $14,850
Drones $8,900 per unit 2 needed = $17,800
Body cameras for security chiefs and patrol units $600 per unit - 8 needed = $4,800
Cameras for security vehicles $455 per unit - 24 needed = $10,920
Total project cost for first-response teams $48,370
Small generators for schools $1,975 per unit - 14 needed = $27,650
Portable Lighting Kits $2,265 per unit - 3 needed = $6,795
Total cost = $ 34,445
Defibrillators $1,600 per unit - 3 needed = $4,800
Total project cost: $116,665

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