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The beginning:
Carmei Tzur was officially fonded on Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5745 (1984), and its first residents were graduates of Yeshivat Har Etzion in Alon Shvut.
Carmei Tzur is located just over 4 miles south of the Gush Etzion junction, halfway between the center of Gush Etzion and Kiryat Arba-Hevron. The name of the yishuv
commemorates the ancient Beit Tzur, whose ruins are nearby. Beit Tzur is mentioned in the Book of Yehoshua and was a site of Maccabean battles.

Living together:
Approximately 200 religious families, young and old. Communal institutions include early childhood day-care center and kindergartens, a clinic, mikveh, small grocery store, library, toy library, mini communal center, youth club and Bnei Akiva, post office, and synagogues. Children study at elementary schools in the area, and high schools in Gush Etzion and elsewhere. The youth are involved and play an active part in communal life.

Residents engage in a range of free professions and work in Gush Etzion, Kiryat Arba, Jerusalem, and the Tel Aviv area.

Regular Torah classes for children, youth, and adults; communal activities; well-organized mutual aid and loan schemes run on a largely volunteer basis; sports court; nearby spring.

The project: Completion of Synagogue: building of a Playground
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