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The Bein Hakramim Park

Making the Dream Come True

Major Eliav Gelman HY”D
Eliav was killed on the 15th of Adar Aleph 5776 – 24th of February 2016 at the Gush Etzion junction on his way home to Karmei Tzur from Army reserve duty, a few months after he finished his service in the IDF as an officer. He left behind his wife Rinat and 3 children: Yair, Yoav and Eitam, who was born after Eliav was killed. Devotion, dedication, responsibility and modesty characterized Eliav in every sphere–his service in the Army, learning in the Yeshiva, and at home.

How did it all start?
Two months prior to Eliav’s death, a team led by Eliav met in order to plan the construction of a new children’s park in Karmei Tzur. Typically, Eliav was very serious and thorough. He studied the relevant material such as the community needs and the local conditions. He searched for appropriate facilities and met with contractors. He did this out of a desire to establish a place where all the children of Karmei Tzur would be able to play and enjoy themselves.

Why a Park?
Karmei Tzur, which was established 32 years ago on the main road from Gush Etzion to the city of Hebron, is a vibrant community, home to 200 families with many children – B”H. Currently, Karmei Tzur lacks sufficient playing grounds that meet the needs of children over the age of five. Moreover, the existing playgrounds do not satisfy the needs of the growing number of children in Karmei Tzur. The Bein Hakramim Park, which will be built at the center of Kamei Tzur and will include challenging facilities such as a zip-line, climbing facilities, wide playing areas, sitting areas and bicycle trails, answers these growing community needs.

The Dream that was Cut Off
Unfortunately, Eliav did not accomplish the task that he initiated. Now, we, the members of the team, the community of Karmei Tzur and his family want to follow in his footsteps and build the park in Karmei Tzur in his memory.

Together we will realize the Bein Hakramim dream.

Item Details Cost (in USD)
Facilities $106,828
Structures for shade $46,927
Infrastructure Development $50,240
Gardening $10,214
Tables and Benches $10,490
Planning, Supervising & licensing $40,302
Total project cost: $265,000

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