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Youth Club

Community: Alon Shvut
When Alon Shvut was established 45 years ago, its founders dreamed of it serving as a center for the other communities of Gush Etzion which were small and few in number. Today Alon Shvut is home to 3,500 residents, 400 of whom are youngsters aged 13-18. A number of important institutions are located in Alon Shvut. They include the Har Etzion Hesder Yeshiva, with hundreds of students; the Tzomet Institute which develops technologies that address the halakhic challenges of the modern state and includes a visitors’ center; the Shalva Center for children with disabilities; and others.

The project: Youth Club
Our youth are involved in outstanding volunteer work that benefits society as a whole: summer camps for children with disabilities, participation in nationwide projects and a number of local initiatives. To date, however, the youth of Alon Shvut have had no proper place to serve as their activity hub. In recent years they have used a temporary structure and plans for a permanent youth club were only recently completed. We are now ready to embark on construction of a new, high-quality youth club that is worthy of our younger generation. The 120 sq.m. structure will house all the services relating to youth activities including an office for the youth coordinator, a kitchenette and restrooms, a screen, furniture and sports equipment.
The club will be located on the lower floor of the Alon Shvut Committee Offices, at a reasonable distance from residential homes but still close to the center of communal life.

Item Details Cost (in USD)
Planning, consulting 105,300
Construction and skeleton 152,000
Equipment 350,532
Total costs 607,832
Income – internal sources 150,000
Total needed to complete project 457,832
Total project cost:

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