Gush Etzion Foundation

The general Synagogue Fund of Gush Etzion

As Gush Etzion is growing, more and more religous needs are expanding as well.

The synagugues and other Jewish ritual projects came to a stage which we need to renavate, expand, and even build more synagugues

for the various congregations. Together with the Religous Council of Gush Etzion, we are working together on a “matching” basis for this cause.

We are inviting you to be part of this crucial cause.




Item Details Cost (in USD)
renovations for 3 synagogues naming oppurtunities 300,000
chairs 500 units 15,000
special chair for "Brit Mila" 2 units 5,000
sefer torah 40,000
Total project cost: 360,000

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