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The Rosh Tzurim Home for Lone Soldiers in memory of Yitzchak Weinstock

Yitzchak Weinstock, the son of Dov and Sharonbeth, was born and grew up in Alon Shvut, Gush Etzion. The day before his induction into the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), on his way to take leave from his Rabbis and friends at the pre-military Yeshiva Academy in Eli, Yitzchak, 19, was brutally murdered by terrorists. In his memory, we are building a home for Lone Soldiers in Rosh Tzurim, Gush Etzion. These soldiers are fulfilling his dream of serving in the IDF.

Who are the Lone Soldiers?
Lone Soldiers are primarily young men and women who have chosen to leave their families and friends in their countries of origin and come to Israel to serve in the IDF. Other Lone Soldiers include those born in Israel who, for various reasons, lack a supportive home to return to during the years of their challenging military service.

Embracing the Lone Soldiers
Rosh Tzurim is located about 20km south of Jerusalem. It is a modern orthodox Zionist community, currently numbering 200 families, and its residents lead lives of communal involvement, simplicity and mutual aid. Several years ago, as part of the realization of this vision, the members of the community undertook the project of adopting Lone Soldiers. For this purpose a house in Rosh Tzurim was provided which included a bedroom for each soldier, a well-equipped kitchen, living room and laundry room. The soldiers are made not only to feel at home in their apartment, but also as part of a warm, embracing community. Each Lone Soldier is adopted by two host families with whom they eat their Shabbat meals when they are on leave and whose homes are open to them when they have time off during the week. In addition the adoptive families attend the soldiers’ graduating ceremonies, offer advice and support throughout their military service, regularly send parcels with treats, and maintain contact even after their discharge from the army. Currently the home for the Lone Soldiers in Rosh Tzurim can accommodate only six soldiers. Owing to the success of the project, there are more applicants than can be accommodated.

Turning the dream into reality
Although the structure currently housing the Lone Soldiers is well maintained, the building is old and small. It lacks proper insulation and requires much repair. Our dream is to build a new, larger home that will enable us to double the number of soldiers adopted by the community. Rosh Tzurim is donating an existing structure that will be renovated and enlarged. The upper level will consist of ten bedrooms and five bathrooms. The lower level will have two additional bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, and outdoor sitting area. The operating costs, include maintenance and a salary for a part-time coordinator, and will be partially funded by the IDF.
We invite you to be our partners in this important project by contributing to the new home for our Lone Soldiers who so deserve it!

Total cost of project: $575,000
Income from Rosh Tzurim: $170,000 + old building
Funds needed to complete project: $405,000

Donor Recognition is available upon request.
All contributions are tax deductible in Israel, USA, the UK and Canada.

Item Details Cost (in USD)
Bedrooms x12 rooms = $216,000 $18,000
Laundry Room $25,000
Kitchen $40,000
Living Room $50,000
Dining Hall $35,000
Outdoor Furniture and Garden $20,000
Office and Furniture $19,000
Total project cost: $405,000

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