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Pnei Kedem Farm

Pnei Kedem Farm 

Pnei Kedem Farm is located on a mountain range 930 meters above sea level, with a breathtaking view of the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea. It sits along the ancient route that connected the hills of Hebron to the well-known springs and waterfalls of Ein Gedi during the First Temple Period.

The ranch encompasses an area of hundreds of dunam of untouched State Land and operates in full cooperation with the Gush Etzion Regional Council and the World Zionist Organization.

Preserving the Environment While Enhancing Security

The ranch is located in a strategic area, which safeguards a local nature reserve, and encompasses lands providing for essential future growth.  This contributes to the overall development of the region.  In terms of security, our constant presence ensures the safety of hikers and others who arrive in the area seeking to explore the natural beauty surrounding us.

Pnei Kedem Farm provides employment and volunteer opportunities not only for local Israelis, but also for Jews from Diaspora communities throughout the world. Our aim is to establish an agricultural and educational center that will provide unique enrichment seminars and workshops for children and adults alike.

Our 3-Stage Plan

Stage 1: Starting an economically viable herd of free-grazing sheep for the purposes of security in the area

Stage 2: Expanding the ranch’s activities to other fields of agriculture, with an emphasis on boutique and organic produce for direct-to-customer marketing

Stage 3: Developing educational seminars and establishing the ranch as a launching pad for ecological tourism within the Judean Desert

How can contributing even one lamb help?

In conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture, private professional sheep management advisors, and business consultants, we have created a business plan to raise a herd of 400 sheep. A herd creates a permanent presence over a large area, thereby contributing to security.  It simultaneously provides the economic and organizational base for the continued actualization of our vision. We invite you to participate in the development of the ranch by donating an additional animal to our flock.

The founder has already invested over a half million shekels.

Your partnership and support at this stage are critical to the success of this endeavor!

Together let’s turn this hilltop into a natural paradise!

Item Details Cost (in USD)
Weekly use of work vehicles $460 per day
Donation of one lamb to our flock $460 per lamb
Sponsor a lamb (food, care, and veterinary needs for one year) $280 per lamb
Fencing and gates - 2000 meters $33,000
Night security guard $16,530 / full year
Ranger/ATV $17,780
Security Camera $4,530
Total project cost:

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