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Construction of a multi-purpose sports field

The rebuilt Kibbutz Kfar Etzion was established in Elul 5728 (September, 1967). The first group of inhabitants consisted of children of the founders of the original Kfar Etzion, which had been destroyed in May, 1948. The rebuilt Kfar Etzion was established as a religious kibbutz affiliated with the Religious Kibbutz Movement. Additional members joined, attracted by the hope of resettling the Judean hills. The kibbutz population is now aging – of 124 members, only 12% are below the age of 50; 56% are over 60.
About a decade ago, the kibbutz decided to build a new neighborhood for non-member families, with a view to increasing the population and rejuvenating its social makeup. Over the past four years, 49 families have chosen to build their homes here, breathing new life into Kfar Etzion. An additional 34 families are renting homes and are likewise part of the community.
The main challenges that currently face Kfar Etzion are the absorption of another 40 families over the next two years, and consolidation of the different elements (members, non-members, renters) into a unified, flourishing community, with a remolding of the lifestyle and communal services to adapt to the different needs of very diverse age groups.

The project: Construction of a multi-purpose sports field

Aims: An energetic, happy community
Strengthening joint activity within age groups and between adults and youth
Much-needed communal response to demographic growth of children, youth, and young families

Initial estimate: For a 30-50m sports field (approx. size)


We will gladly acknowledge benefactors / commemorate loved ones with a plaque, at the family’s request

Item Details Cost (in USD)
Construction 200,000
Fence 80,000
Lighting 120,000
Total project cost: 400,000

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