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Zvika Enosh LOOKOUT

Zvi Enosh o.b.m. was a leader, firmly committed to the Land of Israel, and one of the founders of the community of Bat Ayin. The unique ability that he displayed in combining groundbreaking vision with careful and meticulous action proved invaluable later on, too, when he was asked to help rehabilitate the community of Kfar Eldad.
Five years ago, after a long and courageous battle with cancer, Zvi passed away, just a month after his daughter Zohar was killed in a road accident.
We have tried to capture the unique blend of heaven and earth, east and west, vision and action that Zvi personified in the lookout that we are creating in his memory, above Bat Ayin, at a spot that looks out into the distance while at the same time inviting visitors to hike through the beautiful local scenery.
The lookout is situated above vineyards, ancient stone terraces, and the remains of a Jewish settlement from the Second Temple Period. The panoramic view includes Bat Ayin, Beitar, the Ela Valley, and the Judean plain, the coastal plain, and the sea, from Ashkelon to Tel Aviv. The site plan allows for hikers and visitors to enjoy the view, learn about the different cities and villages spread below them, and watch live performances.
“Zvika’s Path” leads from the lookout down to the Ein Houbeila spring, such that hikers can continue on to the other beautiful springs in the region.
We seek your help to complete the lookout and the realization of this dream.

Item Details Cost (in USD)
Budget to Complete 97,500
Total project cost:

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