Gush Etzion Foundation

Regional cemetery

A joint project of the The Gush Etzion Regional
Council and Efrat Municipality
The Beit Hespedim was built about two years ago to serve the residents
of Gush Etzion and Efrat. The structure offers an indoor, closed area in
which, regardless of weather conditions, hespedim (eulogies) can be
delivered in a manner that honors those who have departed.
The project is still incomplete. In order to upgrade the existing structure
we invite you to share in this important endeavor by contributing towards
one of the following elements:

ItemDetailsCost (in USD)
Naming the entire structure125,000
Completion of the ceiling25,000
New taps2,500
Water cooler2,500
Sound amplification (completed)3,750
30 chairs500
5 tables250
Etz ha-Chayim – plaque on donors’ wall1,800
Renovation of site where taharah is performed25,000
Total project cost: 212,550