Gush Etzion Foundation

Therapeutic Youth Entrepreneurship Center

Throughout the years, experience has shown that an important therapeutic tool for dealing with Bat Ayin youth is activity. It involves participation in a clearly-defined project which the youth choose from a range of options. Their work is accompanied by therapeutic guidance and is personally geared for each participant in accordance with his/her abilities.
We would like to establish a youth center which will provide training in different areas – carpentry, jewellery-making, steel, stone, electronics, agriculture, painting, sculpture, sketching, motor mechanics, photography, etc.
The stated purpose of the program will be marketing the finished products inside and outside the community.
Simultaneously, the program aims to identify and address the youngsters’ needs – personal empowerment, improved self-image and self-confidence, self-development and responsibility, reduced truancy, etc.

Item Details Cost (in USD)
Renovation of building 50,000
Rental of building 24,000
Complete professional equipment 40,000
Director 36,000
Therapist 36,000
Counselor/National Service volunteer 12,000
Teacher 19,000
Prevention workshops and therapy in various spheres 15,000
Food 12,000
Total project cost: 244,200

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