Gush Etzion Foundation

The Tachlis Center: The Key for the Creative Soul

Tachlis is a unique after-school vocational community center founded in 2017 in the heart of Gush Etzion for at-risk youth.

The center provides youngsters aged 15-20 suffering from various emotional problems and school truants with the opportunity to learn a trade. They gain skills they may one day use in a future career and simultaneously gain a sense of confidence when looking at the finished products they have created.

The vision behind the establishment of the center comes from the desire to provide a creative environment for young people who have not found themselves in other places and to provide them with the tools to learn various trades including carpentry, welding, ceramics, three-dimensional printing, three-dimensional imaging and other trades.

The three cornerstones of our program include:

  1. Employment – the practical use of various tools and raw materials; the assembly of finished projects/products by the participants and an in-depth overall evaluation of their creations.
  2. Education – our program has been accredited by the Ministry of Education as a recognized vocational training program in which students walk away with a high-school level certificate of completion. It puts a great deal of emphasis on all aspects of creating a finished product from start to finish including minute details. Students even learn about marketing their wares to potential buyers.
  3. Therapy – An on-staff social worker assists the students through the challenges they face,  both in the context of the workshop and in their lives in general

Our spacious vocational workshop recently underwent a major renovation.  It is a new modern facility which is able to meet the needs of the students in a comfortable and inviting environment.

The students attend Tachlis regularly and have been creating some amazing and unique finished products.

Your help is needed in order to allow us to expand the carpentry center within our workshop. We are in need of a wide array of equipment listed in the table below.

At the same time Tachlis is offering individual treatments through our workshops to assist adolescents dealing with lockdowns as a result of the Corona virus express themselves creatively.

Also, we have decided to expand our CNC robotics course, and expand its application options.

With your help we can create a brighter future for at-risk youth in our communities! Please see the budget, which explains our current needs.

Item Details Cost (in USD)
Individualized treatment as a result of Corona lockdowns 50 sessions $7,650
Internet Website $1,850
Marketing/new media manager $21,400
2 witbox printers (per unit costs) $2,800 (2) $5,600
Laser cutting machine $16,500 $16,500
Integrated carpentry machine $12,250
Computer classroom furniture (tables, chairs, projector, shelves and cabinets) $12,250
Robotics kit $1,900 (5) $9,500
CNC machine $23,800 $23,800
Total project cost: $110,800

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