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The Lev Friedlander Fund

Lev Friedlander was a Jewish Aliya activist in the former Soviet Union.
Lev found his faith amongst the elder Russian Jews and grasped it with all his might.
As an activist he taught Hebrew underground, hiding his Jewish activities in secure dinner.
When he finally made Aliya he settled in Tkoa with his large family.
Lev left twelve children when he suddenly passed away. He was a truth loving hard working person. He loved man and the land; he was dedicated to Torah studies and a true believer.
He dedicated his life to helping others and raising his family. His good nature overtook his good heart.
Lev (which means Heart) died too early, out of goodness and without completing all the great deeds he himself set out to do…
His colleagues and friends decided to cooperate and help support Lev’s family.

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