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The Lamed Heh

The Lamed heh were a detachment of 35 brave soldiers who were brutally murdered by Arab shepherds on their way to the besieged Gush Etzion in January 1948. Their heroic story is an inseparable part of Jewish history during the war of Independence and Gush Etzion. The thirty five were young soldiers, part of the Palmach, mountain brigade, who knowingly took upon themselves a dangerous mission of no return – to reach the besieged Gush Eztion with additional food and medical supplies.

At the -break -of dawn they were discovered by a local Arab shepherd who alerted the nearby shepherds. Their bodies were so badly massacred that they were unidentifiable.

In their memory the Gush Etzion Regional Council, together with the Ministries of Defense and Education, The Gush Etzion Foundation, The Kfar Etzion Field School and Tourist office intimate the Annual Memorial March of the Lamed Heh.
Youth and individuals from all of Israel’s society participate by walking in their footsteps and along their path to rediscover the spirit of 1948 heroism, friendship and dedication.
Join us for this historic experience of a lifetime and support the March and Memorial of the Lamed Heh by clicking the Donate button.

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