Gush Etzion Foundation

The first grade fund

Why is this boy smiling?
You cannot see but he is really smiling!
Thanks to you
he is one of the cute kids that received a new schoolbag with school supplies for first grade.

A resident of Gush Etzion has decided to launch a new initiative to raise funds for school supplies and school bags for children whose families cannot afford to purchase the equipment for them.

The number of families that need assistance are coordinated with the social services department of the council. With the help of generous donations, we purchase the necessary equipment School Supplies.
Every year at the beginning of the summer vacation, we initiate a campaign in order to increase the number of donors. We are very fortunate that every year the numbers of donations grow.

Join us, and the support the first grade fund and put a smile on their faces!

Item Details Cost (in USD)
schoolbag 70$
school supplies 30$
notebooks&books 30$
Total project cost:

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