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Tekoa- Opening the Week

In Loving Memory of Merav Pollack

In 2012 a tragedy occurred in the community of Tekoa, 10 minutes south of Jerusalem where a young mother unexpectedly passed away. She left 3 young children and a husband. This event shocked and traumatized the family and the community.

A group of women in the community decided to commemorate her memory
by creating a project that would embrace and strengthen other women by offering them support. And so, the project ”Opening the Week” was born; to strengthen and empower woman in times of crisis and after birth and to connect them with woman of all ages in the community
”Opening the Week” operates on Sunday mornings with the assistance of the community, the Regional Council of Gush Etzion and the participant’s fee.
Each week, Tekoa women of all ages meet for a morning of empowerment and personal development. The program starts with a Feldenkrais class, practicing slow, gentle movement that restores and stabilizes the body’s balance and patterns of movement. This is followed by a tasty breakfast, during which there is a round of introductions and input by each participant.
Next is a creative workshop, focusing on a different creative realm each time:
art, therapeutic approaches, creative writing, drama, painting, etc. These workshops
are given mainly by women from Tekoa who are trained in their respective fields.

Success is beyond expectation

– more than 60 women participate weekly. Some women grow and gain from the various workshops or derive benefit from a true support group, which is most helpful while working their way

back to life after birth.
In recent months, under the influence of this project some 20 women who were in dire need of help after birth have moved on and found jobs.

Item Details Cost (in USD)
Baby Care 4,000
Workshops 12,000
Refreshments 6,500
Management 4,500
Supervision 3,500
Supplies& equipment 5,300
Total project cost: 36,000

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