Gush Etzion Foundation

Rosh Hashanah Campaign 2022/5783

They live right next door.
You’ve met them at the makolet, post office, or park,
and you would never know, and they would never tell you –
that new clothes, presents, or even a properly set table, are all luxuries,
because they don’t even know how they will buy food for the holidays.
Everything has become more expensive, and the prices have gone up significantly on basic items, and we all feel it in our pockets.
Those who were barely getting by have now become in need of welfare assistance.
Every year, thanks to your donations, The Gush Etzion Foundation and the Keren Ezra Hadadit (Mutual Aid Foundation) assist more than 500 families from all over Gush Etzion financially.
Here, close to home, in each and every one of your communities.
Your donations will enable families and singles, the elderly and new immigrants, to celebrate the holidays with dignity. 
Please partner with us again this year!
Donate to the foundation when you can, and turn to the foundation in times of need.
All donations are tax deductible, and receipts will be sent by email.


Total project cost:

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