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Har Gilo Support Fund

Dear Residents,

A lot of hardships have piled up this past year for many families throughout the country and here in Har Gilo.

Many difficult incidents have been greatly draining.

Financial difficulties within families, individuals, adults, business owners – all within our community.

As a result, we decided to act!

We are now working to establish a special support fund in order to help those amongst us in need of financial assistance.
Through this fund, we can be a stronger, more resilient, and loving community.

Through the help of donations from as many people in the community as possible, we will be able to create meaningful change for our neighbors and friends.  We are asking you to contribute to the best of your ability.

Every Shekel counts, no matter how small, and with your support we can create a meaningful support fund.

Giving! Tzedakah! Love and Support!

The Gush Etzion Foundation is assisting this campaign offering direction, managing the monies, and sending tax deductible receipts, automatically to donors.

The funds will be distributed to families in-need twice a year, during the holidays, according to the criteria established by the yishuv’s welfare board.

The support fund will be a strong anchor serving to assist our residents.

The more you donate, the more we can help!

Through this fund we will also be able to receive additional external assistance from the Gush Etzion Foundation, which is a true breakthrough for the community.

You can donate through this page or by contacting the Gush Etzion Foundation at  02-993-9917.

Thank you!

Total project cost:

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