Gush Etzion Foundation

Merchavei David Synagogue and Women’s Mikveh

Synagogue Project

Due to the doubling of our population over the past five years, residents from Merchavei David purchased a new prefab synagogue. However the residents are currently not able to meet the financial costs of maintaining the structure in addition to the renovation/expansion required to accommodate all worshipers. Plans for a small park are also in the works, to allow children to play while their parents are inside attending services. Your generosity will allow us to make the required renovations while providing you with the opportunity to partner in building and developing the Land of Israel in the form of a much-needed synagogue.

The Women’s Mikveh Project:

To date the community does not have a proper women’s mikveh forcing the 80 women in Merchavei David to travel by car to other communities in order to reach a mikveh. This is especially problematic for women who have no options for dipping on Shabbat and holidays. The mitzvah of family purity has held the Jewish People together for thousands of years. Please help the women of our community to fulfill this mitzvah as it should be kept!


Item Details Cost (in USD)
Stage 1 – 150 sq.m.Construction: groundwork and infrastructure, foundations, skeleton and roof. Internal drywall division of the space. Kitchenette and restrooms. Plumbing, electricity and flooring 160,000
Planning and supervision: architect, engineer, project director 10,000
Stage 2 – façade and esthetics Stone façade, roof tiles, landscaping including floor and pergola 53,000
Decorative elements – wooden beams, bookshelves, indoor and outdoor lighting, drywall and furniture 21,000
Total project cost: 244,000

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