Gush Etzion Foundation

bat ayin merhavei david-synagogue

In the wake of demographic growth over the past few years, the community is now in urgent need of a synagogue and a women’s mikveh. The structure that presently serves as a synagogue is a mobile unit. Despite numerous extensions and renovations undertaken over the years funded by the residents, it is too small to accommodate the congregation. On festivals many worshippers stand outside for lack of space.

ItemDetailsCost (in USD)
Stage 1 – 150 sq.m.Construction: groundwork and infrastructure, foundations, skeleton and roof. Internal drywall division of the space. Kitchenette and restrooms. Plumbing, electricity and flooring160,000
Planning and supervision: architect, engineer, project director10,000
Stage 2 – façade and estheticsStone façade, roof tiles, landscaping including floor and pergola53,000
Decorative elements – wooden beams, bookshelves, indoor and outdoor lighting, drywall and furniture21,000
Total project cost: 244,000