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A Home for Bnei Akiva

Elazar was established in 1975 by a small group of American olim (immigrants) inspired by modern orthodoxy and a desire to set up home in Israel. Today, the community numbers about 600 families. Neighbors of diverse backgrounds and occupations get together to study Torah, enjoy a range of cultural activities and help Elazar develop.
The community goals are to nurture the relationship among the different age groups, while addressing the social challenges.
Project: A Home for Bnei Akiva
The Bnei Akiva youth movement plays a significant and central role in community life. Twenty years ago, each age group numbered about 5 children and the counselors were all recruited from other communities. Today there are about 70 children in each age group, and the counselors are all residents of Elazar. The temporary structure that served Bnei Akiva has been declared off limits because of safety concerns. The youth movement is in need of a home in order to continue to function.


Memorial possibilities available.

Item Details Cost (in USD)
Nevatim group activity rooms (10yrs.) 2 rooms 160,000
Nitzanim group activity rooms(11yrs.) 2 rooms 160,000
Ma’alot group activity rooms (12 yrs.) 2 rooms 160,000
Ma’apilim group activity rooms (13 yrs.) 2 rooms 160,000
HaRo’eh group activity room (14 yrs.) 1 room 110,000
Hevraya B (senior members) (15yrs.) 3 rooms 270,000
Counselors’ meeting room 1 room 70,000
Room for prayer services 1 room 200,000
Total Project Cost 1,290.000
Raised so far 450,000
Contribution request 840,000
Total project cost: 840,000

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