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A Children’s Prayer in Memory of Eliav Gelman HY’D

 Book in Memory of Eliav Gelman HY’D

 Recently, a siddur for children’s prayers has been published, in order to continue in the path of Eliav Gelman, HY”D, an officer in the Israeli Army and resident of Carmei Tzur, who was murdered in a terror attack on the way to his home. Eliav was diligent in participating in the morning prayers throughout his life and was devoted to his children and loved them with all his heart. We have therefore chosen to perpetuate his memory by combining his two outstanding characteristics in a prayer book for children.

The siddur is intriguing and special, particularly in its varied, clear and vivid illustrations. Its twenty pages are each bound in a soft plastic cover. It is suitable for children’s prayers at home,

in kindergardens, and in the synagogue on the Sabbath.

The cost of the siddur is $5.50.

In order to purchase a copy of the siddur, or receive more details, or information about donations, please send a message to the following email address:

May all our prayers be answered and may they

perpetuate the memory of

our beloved Eliav.

Total project cost:

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