Alon Shevut

Background information:
The yishuv (community) of Alon Shevut was founded on 20 Sivan 5730 as a commercial center for the primarily agricultural settlements of Gush Etzion.  Originally, the community was populated by families which were connected to Yeshivat Har Etzion, situated in Alon Shevut.   As the years progressed, the number of families living in the community grew greatly and, likewise, the variety of occupations of the inhabitants.  Many of the inhabitants work in the region while many others work in Jerusalem and additional areas. 
Today, Alon Shevut numbers about 865 families – over 3,000 people.  Despite this, the communal framework has been preserved and much effort has been put into this preservation in spite of the blessed growth of the community.

The Alon Shevut Va’ad (Council):
The new office of the va’ad is located adjacent to the community center (mo’adon) on Meginei HaGush street.  The mailing address is Va’ad Mekomi Alon Shevut, Alon Shevut, 90433.
Telephone: (02) 9931188, 02-9931646, 02-9931667
Fax: (02) 9932383
Email: Zipi (reception):
           Tehila (finances):
           Zvi (administration):
Office hours:
           Reception: Sun.-Tues.: 8:00-14:30; Wed.: 10:00-15:30; Fri.: 8:00-11;30
           Finances: Sun., Tues., Thurs.: 8:00-14:30; Wed.: 10:00-15:30; Fri.: 8:00-11:30
In Alon Shevut there are a grocery (makolet), a post office, a branch of Bank HaMizrachi (the only bank in Gush Etzion), a regional library, clinics of Clalit health services and Kupat Holim M’uchedet, a regional senior citizens’ center and a number of social halls (details can be obtained from the office of the council).
Two Egged bis lines stop in the yishuv: 161 and 164.  Line 160 (to/from Kiryat Arba) stops at The Gush Intersection (Zomet HaGush) located about 100 meters from the south gate of the yishuv.  Timetables are subject to change and should be verified with Egged information or the Egged website:
Religious services:
Yishuv rabbi: HaRav Gidon  Perel, tel: 9932422
Rabbi of the southern (new) neighborhood: HaRav Yosef Zvi Rimon, tel: 9933644
Rabbi of the Sephardic community: HaRav Barukh Gigi

Synagogues: There are five synagogues in Alon Shuvut: the central synagogue, the southern synagogue, the Sephardic synagogue, the Teimani synagogue, and the synagogue of Givat HaChish.

Mikveh:  A beautiful new mikveh for women was recently opened in Alon Shevut.  For information and mikveh hours call (02) 9933228.

Early education: two clusters of daycare centers (infant through two years) operate in Alon Shevut consisting of eight groups divided by age.  The daycare is operated by the regional Matnas (community center).

Pre-school:  The yishuv has eight ganim (pre-school classes) ranging from three years old to five years old.

Elementary education:  Adjacent to Alon Shevut is the Gush Etzion Religious-Torani Public School comprised of the lower division (grades 1-3) and the upper division (grades 4-8).  Additionally, the area has a number of other schools to which families in Alon Shevut send their children: Orot Etzion in Efrat, Reishit in Rosh Zurim and the school in Bat Ayin.

Highschool education:  There are a number of highschools in the area:
Ulpenot (religious highschools for girls):  Neve Chana located in the regional center, Shavei Rahel in Neve Daniel and Orot Etzion in Rosh Zurim.
Yeshiva highschools for boys:  Neve Shemuel in Efrat, Mekor Hayyim in Kfar Etzion, Orot Yehuda in Efrat, and Beit HaMidrash HaTichoni in the Zayit section of Efrat.

Higher yeshiva education:  Yeshivat Har Etzion in Alon Shevut for men, its sister school for women, the Midrasha in nearby Migdal Oz, and Michlelet Herzog school of education (adjacent to the yeshiva in Alon Shevut) which grants a B.Ed. degree.

Joining Alon Shevut:
Information about dwellings for rent or for sale second-hand can be found on the bulletin boards of the yishuv (and soon on the yishuv’s website).  Information about new dwellings can be obtained from the office of the va’ad.


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